Educational Staff
To support the daily activities and carrying out Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi of the ITB Engineering Physics, the community is assisted by staff which consists of the administration office staff, library staff, laboratory staff, and technicians.
The following is the list of staff in Engineering Physics ITB community:
Administration Office Staff
  • Mazna Yumira, SE.
  • Himawati Sutanti
  • Gina Safitri, SE.
  • Riesa Andriani, A.Md.
  • Dahuri
  • Roni Suhara, SE.
  • Dahlan
Laboratory Staff/ Technicians
  • Wachyudin, ST.
  • Parji Admianto, ST.
  • Sutriana
  • Sholeh Taryana
  • Seno Nugroho, SAP.
  • Usep Setiawan
  • Indra Nugraha
  • Agung Gumilar
  • Rana Tata Rohendi, A.Md.
  • Rina Kania