Networking, Computer Laboratory, and High-Performance Computing Facilities
The computational facilities at Engineering Physics ITB provide information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure necessary for lectures, practicum, and administration activities. For this reason, various facilities have been built as follows:
Internet Network
  • All computers in Engineering Physics can be connected to the internet via: 
  • Cable with a bandwidth of 1000 MBps (Giga byte ethernet) 
  • Wireless with a bandwidth of 56MBps (Wi-Fi) 
  • The number of computers connected to the network reaches 500 nodes. 

Computer Laboratory

To support lectures and practicum, there is a 200 m2 computer laboratory, with the following facilities: 

  • 80 client computers, in the form of an Intel i7 computer, 8GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive. All computers have Windows and Linux Ubuntu operating systems installed 
  • Audio system device 
  • Multimedia presentation device. 
  • Open source software/freeware Libre Office, Arduino, Scilab, Eagle, Java, Netbeans and CodeBlocks. 
  • Several licensed software which are managed by the respective research laboratories and research groups within the Engineering Physics Program. 

Engineering Physics manages web, email, and e-learning servers independently. All servers are managed as a cloud system using open source technology (Linux, Proxmox). Installed capacity specifications: 

  • Main server: 3 server computers, each with a 32 core AMD processor, 16 GB RAM, 6 Tera bytes hard drive. 
  • Backup server: 1 Intel Xeon 8 core computer, 8 MB RAM, 12 Tera bytes hard drive. 

High-performance Computing Cluster 

Various fields in Engineering Physics require high performance computing such as: 

  • Computational Material Design 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics 
  • Control System Optimization 
  • Image based instrumentation 

To support these researches, a Linux Rocks Cluster based computer cluster system with the following specification was installed: 

  • Front end: one 8 core Intel Xeon computer, 12 GB RAM, 4 TB Harddisk 
  • Compute nodes: 2 AMD 32 core computers, 12 GB memory 
  • GPU Compute nodes: 4 Intel core i7 computers, 6 GB RAM, NVIDIA 950GTX GPU 
  • Login Node: 1 Intel Xeon 12 core computer, 12 GB RAM