Alumni of ITB Engineering Physics and Instrumentation and Control

Ikatan Alumni Teknik Fisika ITB

Ikatan Alumni Teknik Fisika ITB (IATF, Association of ITB Engineering Physics Alumni) is an organization that facilitates the bond between ITB Engineering Physics Alumni. The association is currently chaired by Nugroho Wibisono, S.T., M.T., an alumnus of the 1998 batch of ITB Engineering Physics. To date, IATF ITB have hosted many events to strengthen the family-like bond between alumni as well as conducting charitable events that helps the ITB Engineering Physics program. Those events include the TF1000 scholarship program, Engineering Physics Batch scholarships, participation in the ITB Ultra Marathon event, and giving donations towards facilities that support the academic proceedings in the ITB Engineering Physics program.

More information on the many events and profile of IATF can be seen in this link.

Profile of ITB Engineering Physics and Instrumentation and Control Alumni

Possessing fundamental skillsets that are applicable in various fields, ITB Engineering Physics graduates are often recognized in the professional world as engineers and technocrats who are able to solve many real-world problems with a multidisciplinary approach who can adapt well with their work environment. To this date, ITB Engineering Physics has produced many alumni that hold significant roles in their professional world, not limited to the field of engineering.

From the many alumnis of the ITB Engineering Physics community, there are at least 2 Indonesian ministers of research and technology who are from the community. There are also ministers from other fields, national leaders, businessmen, government industry professionals, researchers and academics, as well as professionals in the digital and creative industries who originated from the ITB Engineering Physics community. Below are some of the profiles of the alumni representatives from the ITB Engineering Physics who are successful in their respective fields.

Policy makers
Ir. Kusmayanto Kadiman, Ph.D.
Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology 2004-2009, Rector of ITB 2001-2004
Dr. Kusmayanto Kadiman is the Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology of the Indonesia Bersatu Cabinet in the years 2004-2009. Before appointed as minister, he was entrusted to be ITB’s Rector within the 2001-2004 period. He was awarded his bachelor’s degree in 1977 from ITB Engineering Physics and his PhD in Systems Engineering from the Australian National University (ANU) in 1988.
Dr. Kadiman is also an active lecturer at the Engineering Physics program before he went on to be Rector of ITB. He is known as an egalitarian figure and is very close with students. As minister, he emphasized the concept of ABG triple helix (academia, business, and government) as a framework to combat poverty in society. This formulation ensures the synergy of the three aspects of society to support the commercialization of science and technology. His full profile can be seen in this link
Entrepreneurs dan Founders
Ir. Karen Agustiawan
President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) 2009-2014
Karen Agustiawan graduated from ITB Engineering Physics in 1983 where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, she went on to have a professional carrier in many companies, taking roles such as business development manager in Landmark Concurrent Solusi Indonesia and commercial manager for consulting and project management in Halliburton Indonesia. Since 2006, she became the expert staff of the President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) and appointed to the role herself in 2009. She is the first female president director of the public owned oil and gas company.
Giana Koesoemah, ST
Subsea Project Engineer, Schlumberger Indonesia
Giana Koesoemah is an Engineering Physics alumnus of the 2005 batch which is now a Subsea Project Engineer at Schlumberger, a multinational oil and gas company. Giana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2009 where her final project topic was about speech signal characteristics under the Medical Instrumentation Laboratory.
Giana started her carrier as a Junior Field Engineer at Schlumberger Indonesia whose responsibilities include the preparation and execution of subsea projects belonging to oil companies in the Rio de Janeiro region, Brazil. So far, Giana has experience in providing subsea oil and gas services for companies such as Pertamina EP, Husky Oil, Total E&P Indonesia, ConocoPhilips, and other companies. Giana has also taken part in many Schlumberger projects in the Asian Pacific region which includes Malaysia, Myanmar, Australia, and Japan. Her full profile can be seen in this link

Academics and Researchers

Riyan Achmad Budiman, Ph.D.
Researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Dr. Riyan Achmad Budiman is a 2006 alumnus of ITB Engineering Physics who is currently researching Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at AIST Japan. Dr. Budiman received his Master of Environmental Studies and PhD from the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University, Japan in 2012 and 2015, respectively. During his studies, he developed nickel-based electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). He has published many papers from his studies and was awarded the Tohoku President Award for Excellent Academic and Research Record in 2016.
During his studies at ITB, he actively participated in student activities which includes taking the role of Head of Academic Division at the Engineering Physics Student Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Fisika Teknik or HMFT) and also an active member of the Sundanese Student Society. He finished his final project in the Advance Material Processing Laboratory and graduated in April of 2010. His full profile can be seen in this link.