About Engineering Physics ITB

Engineering Physics is a discipline that is here to evolve knowledge and technology which constantly develops as time progresses. Historically, Engineering Physics was mainly developed by Europeans, namely the Dutch, where the discipline has existed since the mid-20th century. Contextually, the discipline rose from the realization of universities that there is a need for an engineering education that provides strong fundamentals in physics and mathematics that is broad and up to date with the latest technological development.

Engineering Physics ITB Profile

Dokumen berupa buku profil Teknik Fisika dan detail terkait mahasiswa, dosen, dan penanggulangan COVID-19 di era new normal dapat diakses dengan mengklik link berikut.

International Program

International EP offers programs aiming towards global exposure of its students. Students will conduct their first two-years (three-years) undergraduate education at ITB and subsequently continue another two-years (one-year) undergraduate period at our foreign university partners.