Laboratories Facilities

Educational Laboratories

In order to support our students on their learning process and activities, the Department of Engineering Physics manages several educational laboratories which is located at T.P. Rachmat Building, ITB Ganesa Campus. Currently, our electrical workshop, metals and glass workshop also Laboratory of Engineering Physics support our students to learn about electrical and digital circuit, microcontroler, measurement systems and method. These facilities are also support many students activities such as preparing the student’s technological and engineering-related exhibitions and competitions.
Research Laboratories
Our research groups manage several research laboratories where many activities related to research and innovations are conducted. These laboratories also support our final year bachelor, master and doctoral students. Currently, Engineering Physics community operates many laboratories which covered a wide area of expertise as follow :
  • Industrial instrumentation Laboratory
  • Instrumentation, Control and Decision System (ICODES) Laboratory
  • Laser, Optics and Image Processing Laboratory
  • Thermal and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory
  • Advanced Material Processing Laboratory
  • Advanced Functional Material Laboratory
  • Building Physics Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence Instrumentation and Control (AICA) Laboratory
  • Computational Material Design (CMD) Laboaratory
  • Ultrasound and Tomography Laboratory
  • Medical Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Energy Management Laboratory
  • Adhiwijogo Acoustics Laboratory (located at Center of Advanced Science [CAS] Bld. 1F)
  • Academic staffs of Engineering Physics Department also work for several research center and institutions inside ITB, such as:

    • Center of Instrumentation and Automation [CITA] ITB
    • Research Center of Nano science and Nanotechnology ITB
    • National Center of Sustainable Transportation Technology (NCSTT) ITB